Administrative Office:

3 Rivers Ice Cream Service, Inc.

11676 Perry Highway

Suite 1100

Wexford Pa 15090


3 Rivers Ice Cream Service, Inc.

24 Frontier Drive

Gibsonia Pa 15044



3 Rivers Ice Cream Service uses Electronic Data Interchange as one way of handling the data flow between us and our customers. EDI documents are processed 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.

Transaction sets currently in use:

      846           -  Inventory Inquiry/Advice

      850           -  Purchase Order

      856/943   -  Advance Ship Notice/Manifest

      940           -  Warehouse Shipping Order

      944           -  Warehouse Receipt Acknowledgement

      945           -  Warehouse Shipping Advice

Information and Data

EDI, FTP, email, fax, telephone and Telxon machines are used to keep our customer's orders, requests, and information flowing.