Administrative Office:

3 Rivers Ice Cream Service, Inc.

11676 Perry Highway

Suite 1100

Wexford Pa 15090


3 Rivers Ice Cream Service, Inc.

24 Frontier Drive

Gibsonia Pa 15044


Inventory Tracking with InvTrac

Access your inventory online with InvTrac, our web based program. As a customer you can log-in to see all of your inventory activity. InvTrac gives you the capability to drill down to the originating transactions.

InvTrac information can be saved to your desktop as a MS Excel spreadsheet or a PDF file.

Together with InvTrac, customizable EDI, FTP, and email, you'll always be current with your inventory.


Did my order ship? Did the DC receive my truck yet? What do I have onhand? InvTrac will answer all of your inventory questions.